525,600 minutes: A Goldilocks year in review.

Note: I don’t often do personal posts, but as the year ends I think it’s important to show growth. xo

2013: What happened?

The New Year
I started off this year at the top of the Empire State Building. The rest of the year was never going to compare to the harsh whips of wind against my face at the top of one of the most inspirational buildings in the world. It’s the only building I can sketch from memory, and the only thing I draw from instinct. I had been to New York twice already, but this would be my last in a while and I sat in an accepting silence in that mustard yellow taxi back to JFK. Sometimes great loves have to stand still, until real life slows down. The day I came home and hit pause on my love for New York, I hit the start button on my relationship with Rhys. Continue reading


The art of getting your own way.

Image my own

We would all like to think that we always get what we want. Unfortunately, the existence of other people makes this a tricky conundrum. We probably all have different methods and a variety of schemes to be able to get our own way from any situation, but here are the ones I find to be the most effective.

In your relationship
There are two kinds of getting your own way in a relationship, the first is how to watch Gossip Girl everyday and make him watch it too. This one is glorious, all you have to do is kick up enough of a fuss and he will give in. Basically, you need to act like you are 6 years old. Men will do anything for an easy and happy life. If they think they are disrupting their own happiness, they will give in. It’s a lot easier for him to agree and say “Yes, I do love Chuck Bass’ purple bow tie.” than to insist we watch something I don’t care about.What I learned about getting my own way in terms of things that don’t matter, is to simply be as annoying as possible. Women have to sacrifice enough for men, the least Rhys can do is bring me some Party Rings home to have while I gaze lovingly at him (him being Chuck Bass, obviously). Continue reading

Oh hey, Roomie : Cohabitation Complaints 101

Image from my own Instagram.

Well it’s happened, I am finally a grown up who has a someone to unblock the drains and hang up my diploma on the wall. Three weeks ago I moved in with Rhys, and now my father can breathe that I have someone other than him to take care of me and do all the annoying jobs. Except it seems that I ended up hanging everything on the walls myself (including my diploma). All is not lost, however, as he does know how to work the washing machine and more importantly how to put things in it. So I had to hang up my photo frames, at least I didn’t hammer my thumb and that is definite progress. This is adulthood in it’s pure glorified form. Hallelujah.

So as joyous of an occasion as moving in is, it is also one where you don’t have to pretend you don’t annoy each other anymore. This brings me to this post, I love to complain and why would I stop doing such a delightful thing? Here are my favourite ways to annoy your boyfriend or girlfriend after moving in.

How to Annoy Each Other In a Shared Living Space

1. Play trailers for upcoming seasons of your favourite TV shows on full volume just as he’s fallen asleep.
I’ve never had this done to me, but I assume it’s annoying.

2. Leave clothes as a paper trail in case he gets lost in the morning.
I don’t know why men do this, but they leave clothes around as if they can’t find their way back to them. Seriously, what makes sense about leaving clothes on a kitchen chair? The chair can’t wear them. Kitchens are for eating, not dressing.

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22 lessons from being 22.

Being 22 is the new thing. Taylor Swift sings about it. People treat it like it’s the new 21. For me, it was my biggest year of growth, and the year when life hurled every possible damaging and heart wrenching challenge in my general direction. But it was also a year where I had the most fun, the year I moved on, and the year I grew up more than I thought was possible. Continue reading

War Games: because we all have frenemies.

Even if you think you don’t have one, you do.

Women are in a clever form of masquerade. We’re different things to different people, and we show the different dimensions of ourselves in different company. We expect to be ourselves with our friends, but it can get to a point where we may act like friends, but we feel more like spies (I for one would be an excellent spy). It seems as though we are hunting for damaging information in order to protect ourselves. We can put on our best front, even in front of those we would consider our closest allies.

Friendships are the strangest of relationships, the expectation lies in the foundation of friendships. We expect it to be built with bricks of benevolence, understanding, and the mutual disdain of other people (obviously, someone has to hate the same things as you do). But in between those bricks lies the cement of hostility, jealousy and competition.Women bond by bitching and friendships can be as intense as relationships, but will it always get to a point where they run out of things to bitch about? Continue reading

5 things to teach your boyfriend.

Based on my own expectations in men and my own experience, these are the things I believe you should be able to teach your boyfriend without annoying them too much, or without having to bribe them with a sandwich.

1. You can like my taste in TV shows, too you know?
So far I’ve managed to get Rhys to watch 2 Broke Girls, Glee, and  two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. To my delight, he actually enjoyed it and the only thing I couldn’t sway him on was Geordie Shore. But hey, 3 out of 4 isn’t bad.

2. The release of the bitter, angry, chocolate munching beast inside me once a month works in your favour too.
If you let me complain for a few days, and instead of complaining back at me complain with me, then I’ll be more grateful for you when I revert back to my charming self. You’ll earn massive brownie points too if you bring me a bag of Milky Bar mini eggs or a bag of sweet and salted popcorn. I’ll also return the favour and be somewhat patient when you suffer from Man Flu.
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Relationship Obstacle #2: Working Together – Bar Staff Edition

Image by Josh Kenzer, flickr.com

“If Barack Obama can do it, why can’t I?” – Rhys Cronin (Bar Staff, Boyfriend)

Couples in the workplace are a common occurrence, and the issues that are tied to the situation are even more common. It is less of a problem if you aren’t put to work the same times, the normality of relationship routine continues with ‘How was your day?’ However, relationship boundaries are tested when working the same hours, depending on the industry you’ve both chosen (or are just stuck in).

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