The importance of living a glittery life.

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The winter blues are something that I don’t suffer from. I love the dark nights, vamped up nail polish and an excuse for more eyeliner. I also love Christmas, and ribbon curling. What I do suffer from, are graduate blues. I imagine it feels like what winter feels like for those devoted to the warmer months. It must feel endlessly hollow, and excruciatingly dull.

In times of crisis, I turn to things that make me feel myself again. A few years ago, my Twitter bio read “I like to sparkle”. I was reminded of this by my old housemate while at university in Swansea and it’s something I try not to forget. We live in ordinary circumstances, we are ordinary people with ordinary lives, but we need the belief that we can be extraordinary. Otherwise, why did we waste our money on tuition fees?

A recent article featured in The Guardian reported that half of recent UK graduates are working in non graduate jobs, demonstrating the battle that young people have to secure entry level employment. More of us are settling for low income jobs just to be in employment, and our reputations will suffer if we do this for too long. We will be the generation that couldn’t.

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The art of getting your own way.

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We would all like to think that we always get what we want. Unfortunately, the existence of other people makes this a tricky conundrum. We probably all have different methods and a variety of schemes to be able to get our own way from any situation, but here are the ones I find to be the most effective.

In your relationship
There are two kinds of getting your own way in a relationship, the first is how to watch Gossip Girl everyday and make him watch it too. This one is glorious, all you have to do is kick up enough of a fuss and he will give in. Basically, you need to act like you are 6 years old. Men will do anything for an easy and happy life. If they think they are disrupting their own happiness, they will give in. It’s a lot easier for him to agree and say “Yes, I do love Chuck Bass’ purple bow tie.” than to insist we watch something I don’t care about.What I learned about getting my own way in terms of things that don’t matter, is to simply be as annoying as possible. Women have to sacrifice enough for men, the least Rhys can do is bring me some Party Rings home to have while I gaze lovingly at him (him being Chuck Bass, obviously). Continue reading

Life Tips from a 2 Year Old for 22 Year Olds.

For those who don’t know this about me, I live with my friend Emily and her daughter Layla. To be brutally honest this would terrify most people, but Layla should be everybody’s hero – that’s not even a little bit biased as she really is that hilarious. She knows what matters in life – You know, things like Disney DVD’s and chocolate milk. Layla is two, and now she can speak in almost full sentences. Of course, sometimes this in code so grown ups don’t understand. I know this because sometimes I’m mentally two years old (like when I cry because I drop my favourite lipstick and it snaps in half). As I am not a successful grown up yet, she trusted me to share her life advice for all you struggling twenty somethings out there. Continue reading

Relationship Obstacle #2: Working Together – Bar Staff Edition

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“If Barack Obama can do it, why can’t I?” – Rhys Cronin (Bar Staff, Boyfriend)

Couples in the workplace are a common occurrence, and the issues that are tied to the situation are even more common. It is less of a problem if you aren’t put to work the same times, the normality of relationship routine continues with ‘How was your day?’ However, relationship boundaries are tested when working the same hours, depending on the industry you’ve both chosen (or are just stuck in).

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Relationship Obstacle #1: You

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Yes, you. You’re your own worst enemy. Hands up if you know this is true. Now that’s out of the way, we can all have coordinating t-shirts. Mine will say ‘Slightly neurotic but mostly okay’. I personally think it’s charming.

It’s true when people say you have to be comfortable alone before you can be comfortable with someone else. But even the comfiest people fight the most raging of insecurities, nobody wants to lose something that took so long to find.

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The Lion, The Witch and The Graduate

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My housemate, whenever on her way to anywhere, famously takes the long way around. It’s not a planned route, but it just seems to happen that way. She was once asked why she took so long, and asked if she went through Narnia to get to her destination. I feel like I’ve joined her in a magical but brutal land that is testing my every nerve, but I’ve yet to find the door to get out of it. I’m not alone in this, this is how graduates working their way towards their goals feel in their day to day lives. Continue reading