Bitchcraft – What American Horror Story: Coven tells us about power

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Like the seasons before it, American Horror Story: Coven has some things to say about society. It’s going to say it, and it is going to be brutalised. This season is set in New Orleans and revolves around an academy for young witches. This season tackles issues of slavery, persecution of women, sex and the subversive nature of female power. It can be easily said that so far in the story, the irrelevance of masculinity and male power have been a dominating force in the show’s message. Continue reading


Days before 9/11 anniversary, ‘War weary’ Obama faces hostile choices.

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In the days before the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the United States is once again faced with grim conflict and images of war. Barack Obama is determined to hold Syria and the Assad regime accountable for an attack on August 21st which killed 1,429 of it’s own people, of which over 400 were children.

There is evidence which suggests that these civilians were victims to a chemical weapon known as Sarin gas. The gas causes a grisly death for it’s victims. The effect of Sarin is the paralysis of general lung function, the victims will experience suffocation, vomiting, and convulsions in the 15 minutes it will take them to die. This alone is a terror tactic to intimidate rebellion and terrify civilians into submissive assent.

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